Coaching & Consulting

The agency KASTELEWICZ music in progress offers coaching & consulting for the development, qualification and strengthening of an invigorating cultural life. These take place in individual sessions in our rooms in Berlin-Tiergarten, near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, as well as in seminars and lectures.

We offer coaching in the areas ofart and culture, personal development, scientific work and in the area of leadership and communication.

For detailed information on our coaching & consulting services, please visit our external website.

Here you can find an excerpt of our offer

In the field of event activity, agency activity, association activity

  • For musicians and artists, creative professionals, music promoters, agencies, event organizers, project managers, associations in the field of music, art and culture
  • Event planning and implementation – “From project idea to concert review”

For performers musicians / artists / creative

  • Hard skills / soft skills – competencies for professional practice for musicians, artists and creatives
  • Guidelines for success
  • Starting and maintaining a business – “From acquisition to tax returns”

On the development of personality

  • Goal setting and career planning – “From vision to experience”
  • Resource development and utilization
  • Competency enhancement , creativity development

To scientific work

  • Formalities for a scientific paper – “From the idea to publication”
  • Notes on research and documentation
  • Scientific writing
  • Edition and catalog raisonné, program booklet, article

On leadership and communication

Expertise: Lorenz Huber (Leadership Orchestra) & Anna Barbara Kastelewicz

Focus on Leadership

– Recognize and improve the effect of your own inner attitude on others.
– Recognize and turn off contradictions in leadership behavior
– Convincingly communicate one’s clear sense of purpose

Focus on Sales

– Learning from stakeholder management in the opera business.
– How can stars be integrated into the team?
– And what can be learned from working with opera stars for dealing with “difficult” customers?

Focus on Team

– Develop clear, yet flexible roles.
– Encourage ownership


© Lorenz Huber

© Lorenz Huber