Selected Concerts


Main stud 10, 16845 Neustadt (Dosse)
20th anniversary of the Brandenburg Main and County Stud Foundation Neustadt (Dosse).
Day program: Festival for the whole family – PEOPLE, HORSES, MUSIC.
Evening program: Gala concert “Mozart plus” with laser showwith the new concert orchestra berlin
After Concert: Music and Light at the State Stud with the band “Cube-Livemusic”


Neuruppin Monastery Church St. Trinitatis
Niemöller Square, 16816 Neuruppin
Duo violin organ with Anna Barbara Kastelewicz and Mathias Michaely, guest soprano Johanna Krumin
Camille Saint-Saens: from “Chants religieux”.
No. 1 “O salutaris hostia,” No. 3 “Deus Abraham,” No. 5 “Ave Maria” and No. 7 “Inviolata”
for soprano and organ
Joseph Rheinberger: from “6 pieces” op. 150.
No. 1. theme with changes, No. 2 “Abendlied” and No. 3 “Gigue”
for violin and organ

Heinrich von Herzogenberg “Geistliche Gesänge” op 89
for soprano, violin and organ


Am Neuhaus 7, 15907 Lübben
Baroque festival at Neuhaus Castle
Day program: Baroque dressage “Dancing Horses”, courtly society, children’s program.
Evening program:Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi with the new concert orchestra berlin and Anna Barbara Kastelewicz, conductor


19.09.2021 – 20.00
Konzerthaus Berlin, Werner Otto Hall
Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin
Bode Quartet
Viennese Classical Music
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartet in G major K. 80 (“Lodi Quartet”)
Kurt Hauschild (b. 1933), String Quartet No. 12, (KHV No. 2.13) in the style of Viennese ClassicismJosef Haydn, String Quartet op. 64, No. 5 (“Lark Quartet”)


POSTPONED DUE TO CORONA – NEW DATE. 02.10.2021 – 19:00
Blackmore’s – Berlins Musikzimmer
Warmbrunner Str. 52, 14193 Berlin
P.Glass – Glassworks,
S.Lantsias – The Waltz of the Eyes,
B.Britten – Simple Symphony




© J.Rötzsch


Bode Quartet

is a prizewinner of the Rheinsberg Music Academy -.



Work scholarship – admission

Joseph Haydn, Kurt Hauschild, Hans Wolfgang Sachse



with the kind support of the scholarship program of Musikkultur Rheinsberg



04.05.2021 – 20.00

Konzerthaus Berlin, Werner Otto Saal
Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin

Bode Quartet
Viennese Classicism
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartet in G major KV 80 (“Lodi Quartet”)

Kurt Hauschild (b. 1933), String Quartet No. 12, (KHV No. 2.13) in the style of Viennese Classicism

Josef Haydn, String Quartet op. 64, No. 5 (“Lark Quartet”)




Motto 2020 “Odyssey”


Postponed due to Corona date.
New date: concert on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.


12.06.2021 – 19:30

“Musicians Corona Winter”
Danced and played on the garden fiddle in the snow at minus 2 degrees Celsius.

Federal Ministry of Justice and for Consumer Protection (BMJV), 27.06.2019

Emperor’s Quartet


Topi Chateau Berlin, 29.05.2019

Carsten Niebuhr Award Ceremony

The president of the German-Arab Society (DAG), the publicist and Middle East expert Michael Lüders awarded this week in the FU Berlin the Carsten Niebuhr Prize for International Cultural Exchange to the Oriental scholar Prof. Dr. Walter Sommerfeld (Marburg / Leipzig). Greetings from the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, Friis Arne Petersen, and the Iraqi Ambassador Dhia Hadi Mahmoud Al-Dabbass, paid tribute to Sommerfeld as a highly respected preserver of the cultural treasures of Mesopotamia during the Iraq War. In the laudation for Sommerfeld by the President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation Prof. Dr. Hermann Parzinger, he emphasized the importance of cultural and historical cooperation with the peoples of Mesopotamia for world peace. Frank Trende, Head of Department of the State Chancellery of Schleswig Holstein, underlined the importance of Europe’s most famous Oriental explorer, CARSTEN NIEBUHR (1733-1815), who led the research expedition to Arabia Felix organized by the Danish Crown.

More infoat the official site of the DAG!



Neuruppin, Sa.8. June 2019, 10 – 22 o’clock

Organ Marathon

Listen – Marvel – Experience

It will be a hot Saturday, this Saturday. Because of the weather, of course.

© Matthias Noack

But the Fontane Festival is also in full swing. Reason enough to drop by the monastery church from time to time and refresh yourself in the coolness of the room and the music …

From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. the organ will be played there continuously!
we call this endurance run, where organists and instrumentalists from near and far will gather to play music for half an hour at a time.

The entrance is free. But you can leave a donation for a glass of water or juice, a coffee and a snack (or just because), which will benefit ORGAN 2020: Our project to renovate and expand the instrument.


Come by, linger, find out what we are up to!


Location: Virchowstr. 13, 16816 Neuruppin
Time: Pentecost Saturday June 8, 2019

Werder, Sa.15. June 2019, 16.00 o’clock

Church concert and reading followed by a vernissage
in Toeplitz

Les Seraphines in quintet

© T. Milewski

Les Seraphines presents in quintet with two violins, bandoneon, cello and organ excerpts from the Brandenburg Concertos by J.S. Bach. In addition, Marie Schöneburg reads from the Fontane book ‘Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg’. After the one-hour concert for the reading, the vernissage will be opened next to the village church with oil paintings of Fontane places un der Mark Brandenburg by Monika Taffet. In addition, there will be coffee and homemade cakes, to which you are cordially invited. We look forward to seeing you!


Admission is free!

Location: Village Church Töplitz, An der Havel 68, 14542 Werder

Time: Saturday 15 June 2019
Concert with reading: 16 clock
Vernissage: 5 pm

Program: Excerpts from the Brandenburg Concertos by J.S.Bach


For more info:

Castles play first fiddle’
Anna Barbara Kastelewicz and Johanna Krumin

Date: May 19, 2019 8 pm

International 27th Steglitz Early Music Days

new baroque orchestra berlin
L’Olimpiade by Johann Adolf Hasse (1699 – 1783).
Location: Council Hall, Old Town Hall Steglitz Schl0ßstraße 37, Berlin

Musical direction: Frieder Bernius


Dates: May 17-19, 2019

Culture Festival in castles and gardens – KulturSchlagLicht

Two artists invite to
Music,dance and theater in castles and gardens

Vacation Magazine / Jens Rümmler


Berlin, Sun.17 March 2019, 16.00

Chamber music concert

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz – Violin  and    Ulugbek Palvanov – Piano

A. Dvořák – Romantic Pieces, Romance, Humoresque.
J. Suk – Balada, From 4 pieces: nr. 1, 2, 3 , Chant d’Amour.
B. Smetana – My Fatherland, The Moldau
and others


Location: Goldener Löwe, Breitscheidstraße 18, Wandlitz


Berlin, Fr. 8. März 2019, 20.00

Utopia – A Border to Reality

CAMERATA EXPERIMENTAL “Utopia-A Border to Reality”

Igor Strawinsky “The Sodlier’s tale”
Staging: Elle Eisner, Doris Plörer
Conductor: Maria Makraki
Ensemble: Camerata Europaea Berlin

Utopia, a word originating in the ancient Greek language (topos: place) is the ideal place or state of affairs that we long for. Who do I want to be? What kind of world do I want to live in? These are all questions holding true to the head word utopia. However, when conerning oneself with ideal visions, one cannot circumvent their counterparts. One would be talking about a world and a society deviating from utopia that finds itself in a contant state of unrest. Right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness – our life consists of opposites. The series Camerata Experimental 2019 meets and explores allof these worlds and new realities.

Location: Georg-Neumann-Sall-Udk Berlin
Tickets: and at the Box Office

Berlin, Tues. 5. February 2019, 18.00

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz,
the violinist, concertmaster, and musicologist gives her
lecture with music on the topic:

Music in the Soviet Special Camps

From 1945 to 1950, the Soviet occupation forces imprisoned a total of well over 120,000 people in 10 so-called special camps with total isolation of the prisoners from the outside world. Any meaningful intellectual activity was strictly forbidden. Despite the ban, there were many clandestine, partly tolerated musical and other cultural activities of the prisoners (singing, rarely making music with makeshift instruments, lectures, poetry, arts and crafts (etc.), mainly to escape mental desolation. In (apparent or apparent) contradiction to this prohibition, there was the official “Kultura” and within its framework, among other things, concerts and theater performances by prisoners.

Location: Gedenkbibliothek in honor of the victims of communism
Nikolaikirchplatz 5-7
10178 Berlin

New! – ‘Musical Overload’, Violin & Organ
Duo literature from four centuries

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz (violin) and Matthias Michaely (organ)

The CD was created during a concert in the Ev.-luth. monastery church St. Marienberg in Helmstedt. You can hear duo literature for violin and organ from the late Renaissance to the 20th century. The violinist Anna Barbara Kastelewicz performs with the organist Mathias Michaely. The special charm of the recording is that, depending on the stylistic requirements of each composition, all three organs of the church are used. The purchase price of 15,- Euro will fully benefit the further restoration of the Furtwängler & Hammer organ from 1900.

The three organs of the Evangelic Lutheran Monastery Church of St. Marienberg Helmstedt are to be heard


Antonio Bertali (1605 – 1669):Sonata a Violino Solo No. 1, score book Ludwig, 1662.
J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750): Sonata II in A major BWV 1015, o. ref.
Zoltán Gárdonyi (1906 – 1986): Fantasy on a Hungarian spiritual song.
Camillo Schumann (1872 – 1946): Choral variation + fugue op. 106 on the chorale “You go your own way”
Maria Joseph Erb (1858 – 1944): “Give us today our daily bread” op. 71.

Available from us, just send us an email:

50 years after the Prague Spring – the current program of the Bode Quartet 2018

“Too long we have lived in the dark, let us step into the light.”
-Alexander Dubcek

The expression“Prague Spring” is associated with one thing above all: its violent end. On the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring and the self-immolation of Jan Palach, the Bode Quartet presents the music of Kurt Hauschild, who dealt intensively with this theme in his eighth string quartet.

Kurt Hauschild was born in Berlin in 1933 and lived in the former eastern sector of the city . He first studied philosophy and then turned to mathematics, which he practiced until 1985. Already in his youth he made music and composed, but hid his work from the public until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
His compositions include twelve string quartets, nine piano sonatas and other chamber and piano music. His models are the composers of the Viennese Classical period. The compositional style that Hauschild pursues is an expression of his ideological position, which is committed to the spirit of the Enlightenment. He composes exclusively tonal.

All info can be found on the Ensemble Site of the Bode Quartets.

Latest CD

Bode Quartett HauschildThe 8th Quartet is Hauschild’s only quartet that has a concrete occasion: Jan Palach’s self-immolation on Wenceslas Square in Prague after the Soviet invasion of the CSSR in 1969. Kurt Hauschild wanted to express the hopelessness and despair of that time musically.

For 16,85 € + 2,80 € packing and shipping costs you can buy the CD directly from us.

Please send your orders to:


The obstinacy of Theodor Fontane – A literary concert in the Fontane Year 2019

© J.Krumin

2019 marks the 200th anniversary of Theodor Fonatane’s birth – reason enough to perform an extraordinary, exciting program and to experience his relevance especially for the present.

Super Sonic Sound Award winner for song interpretation and internationally sought-after chamber musicians offer musical, literary enjoyment, charmingly moderated.

All information can be found on our artist page in the Music and Literature section



International Conference Montréal:
and the Nation III


(19th-21st Centuries), International Conference, Montreal, 18-20 October 2018

Kastelewicz, Anna Barbara – Mozarteum University Salzburg

« Conquerors and Conquered : Music and Kultura in the Soviet Special Camps in Germany, 1945-1950 »

presented on October 19, 2018

Information about the Conference

call for papers

Information about the Programme

Friedrich II – of Hohenstaufen

Award for lived friendship of peoples and integration of nations to Prof. Dr. Leoluca Orlando | Monday, 02.07.2018, 11:00-13:00 o’clock

The new barockduo berlin designed the music program:

With Italian early and high baroque as well as European and Arabic melodies. The musicians Anna Barbara Kastelewicz (baroque violin/violin) and Arno Schneider (organ/harpsichord) are united by the common joy of playing baroque instruments.


Award of the first Carsten Niehbur Prize by the DAG

1st prize award to Marianne Manda

We were allowed to musically support the first award ceremony of the Carsten Niehbur Award by the German-Arab Society on 04.05.2018.

We congratulate the laureate Mrs. Marianne Manda very warmly. She received the prize for her manifold artistic engagement in the Orient and the Occident as well as for her long-time commitment as a scientific draftswoman of the German Archaeological

You can find the press release of the DAG here: Press release

KASTELEWICZ music in progress on television

at rbb.
At the opening of the “House of One” in Berlin, Anna Barbara Kastelewicz and Romy Nagy provided musical accompaniment for the event.

The rbb writes:

Christians, Jews and Muslims are to pray under one roof in the so-called “House of One”. It will be built starting in 2019 – but today a wooden pavilion was already opened where interested people can find out more about the special project. The President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation Hermann Parzinger and Berlin’s Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer opened the information pavilion.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz in EURABIA 2017/01

An article about Anna Barbara Kastelewicz and her musical projects, like the Askari Ensemble, can be found in the EURABIA 2017/01.


Anna Barbara Kastelewicz

© A.Kleuker











Review “The Orchestra”

Thanks to Kathrin Feldmann for this wonderful review of our CD “Der Himmel lacht” (The sky laughs) by Margret Bahr with the new barockduo berlin, in the current issue from “Das Orchester” of January 2018.


Available now! The new CD “Der Himmel lacht” (The sky laughs) of the new baroque duo berlin with Margret Bahr

The soprano Margret Bahr interprets with Anna Barbara Kastelewicz on the violin and Arno Schneider on the organ and Cembalo, works by Bach, Telemann and Handel and other masters of the Baroque.

For 16.85 € + 2.80 € packaging and shipping flat rate you can purchase the CD directly from us.

Please send orders to:


The review of the CD in CLASS:aktuell 2017/No.3

Radio Luxemburg also played the CD in their broadcast – you can find the link to the amount here


Available now! The new CD of the Bode Quartet

The 8th Quartet is Hauschild’s only quartet that has a concrete occasion: Jan Palach’s self-immolation on Wenceslas Square in Prague after the Soviet invasion of the CSSR in 1969. Kurt Hausschild wanted to express the hopelessness and despair of that time musically.

For 16.85 € + 2.80 € packaging and shipping flat rate you can purchase the CD directly from us. Please send orders to:


The CD “Spring plays the first violin” is ready!

TrioMioBild jpg

Inspired by numerous spring compositions, Birke Baal (violin), Franziska Kraft (violoncello) and Isabelle Engelmann (piano) lead musically and virtuously into this wonderful season of new beginnings and lightness! This CD features Beethoven’s magnificent “Spring Sonata”, elegant and light-footed salon pieces by Kreisler and Mendelssohn’s soulful “Spring Song”, among others.

For 16,85 € + 2,80 € packaging and shipping fee you can purchase the CD directly from us. Please send your orders to:

Production with the Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester

CD production from 5.12. to 9.12.2016 with the Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester
Carl Stamitz: Clarinet Concertos in B-flat Major
Soloist: Paul Meyer (clarinet)
Conductor: Johannes Schlaefli
Concertmaster: Anna Barbara Kastelewicz

CD Production Carl Stamitz Clarinet Concertos


Lecture on the memorial and commemoration meeting at the Mühlberg camp


© Pawlytta


Anna Barbara Kastelewicz:

“Kultura” in Soviet Special Camp No. 1 Mühlberg / Elbe

© Karsten Bär

with kind permission: