Culture Festival



© J.Rötzsch

Since the founding of the year-round festival “Cultural Festival in Castles and Gardens” in 2016, we have been committed to filling the cultural treasures of the region with music.

Since 2018, the festival has been inviting new perspectives under the title “KulturSchlagLicht” with contributions from other cultural sectors as well.

Music on the Building

With their history, architecture and their respective specificity, the places and buildings are brought into focus independently with sound and light. As a podium for our concert, they also become attractive for a younger audience with light and sound design.

© J.Rötzsch

Creating interest and breaking down barriers

Dynamic sound installations flow into concert situations with classical, modern, serious and entertaining repertoire, enriched with changing introductory and backstage formats from other contexts: secret glimpses behind the scenes of a musician’s life, charming anecdotes, mental parallels of boxing training and music.

Sound impulses, pulse light, light waves, wave swing, wave shimmering

– or simply pause and enjoy!

We invite you to cultural experiences across generational boundaries.


With our name and together with our extended competence team we stand for artistic and technical quality:

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz and Johanna Krumin take over the artistic direction, KASTELEWICZ music in progress the project management.

All information can be found on the festival website