KASTELEWICZ music in progress – FAQ

What is KASTELEWICZ music in progress?

KASTELEWICZ music in progress is an artist agency. We arrange artists from classical music and light music from jazz to electro, help with the musical planning of an event and offer offers in coaching and consulting.

Do you only provide classical musicians?

No, we have an extensive network of professional musicians of all genres of classical music and light music, as well as a wide range of instrumental or ensemble formations, instrumental or vocal.

Can I also book artists for a private party?

Of course, we also arrange artists for private occasions, celebrations, weddings, funerals, but also corporate events or public events.

Does the request at KASTELEWICZ music in progress cost anything?

We are happy to advise you in a first inquiry at KASTELEWICZ music in progress free of charge and without obligation.

Can I book music students through KASTELEWICZ music in progress as well?

We have intensive contacts with Germany’s music academies. So we are also happy to engage talented music students for musical projects. Feel free to contact us in this regard!

What costs should I expect for a performance?

The costs depend on many factors such as location, format of the event, length of the performance, cast size and instrumentation, available technology, effort and time lead – and of course on the respective artist. We advise you individually on fees and prices.

How much lead time is needed to plan an event?

Basically, if there is a longer lead time, more detailed offers can be provided and an event can be prepared flexibly and comprehensively. However, we are also available for short-term requests and can respond quickly to short-term needs through our extensive network.

Do I have to take care of the artists on site myself?

If you wish, we can take care of the artists for you before and during the event.

Do the musicians need technical equipment for their performance?

It depends on the particular ensemble and the music genre. Classical music is usually performed without technical equipment. Many of our artists bring their own required technology. If technology is needed beyond that, we can help organize it.

How far do musicians travel to the performance venue?

Our artists are flexible. We take care of the travel arrangements. Since we have a nationwide network, we can request regionally based musicians. But basically we look for the most suitable musician for you and your individual occasion – who will travel around the world for you!

Does it always have to be a concert grand piano?

No, if there is no piano or grand piano available on site, our artists will also bring a digital piano or we will organize one.

I am an artist and would like to apply to KASTELEWICZ music in progress.
How can I proceed?

Artists who would like to be represented through us are welcome to send us their portfolio with vita, sound samples and pictures. We look forward to receiving your application!