Duo Tea for Two

Duo Tea for Two

© Benjamin Rein

„Classical program and elegant entertainment music“

„Salon, cafes, Operette, Swing and Jazz“

The Duo Tea for Two with the violinist Anna Barbara Kastelewicz and Pianist Alexander Klein is offering a „musical blend”, with an internationally demanded repertoire, ranges from classical coffee-house music until Jazz and pop. Lately, the duo had a concert in the closing ceremony of the German year 2014 in Belo Horizont/Brazil.

The duo attractsits public with unique and irresistible charm!


Anna Barbara Kastelewicz – Violin

Anna-Barbara Kastelewicz

© A. Kleuker

Ihre musikalische Ausbildung als Violinistin erhielt Anna Barbara Kastelewicz Anna Barbara Kastelewicz received her musical education as a violinist at the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler in Berlin and as a baroque violinist at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London with Professor Yfrah Neamen. Afterwards, she had additional trainings with prof. Rachel Podger.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz is working as a soloist, chamber musician and concertmaster.
As a Soloist with Orchestra and also with a solo violin program she has traveled nationally and internationally. She is playing and recording for broadcast, TV and various media-recordings.

Her repertoire ranges from Renaissance to Contemporary and includes musicals and jazz.

In her projects she likes to combine the different arts and introduces the results in her concerts and programmes.An engagement took her with a solo concert series to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

She plays the solo violin in musicals and in salon-ensembles with a program of the Roaring Twenties. She performs soul music with the Baltic Soul Orchestra at the Baltic Soul Weekend.

She also plays in a pop band at the Dresden Semper Opera Ball. With actors and performers Anna Barbara Kastelewicz designs literary and musical salons on various topics.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz works in established ensembles, but also in spontaneous projects.

In her Duo Violin – Piano she devotes herself primarily to a classical and romantic repertoire, with preference to the French sonatas and pieces from around 1900s.

With the Bode-Trio, a piano trio, she combines the contemporary with the romantic familiar.

The Kaiser-Quartet is dedicated to the lighter muse.

Alexander Klein – Klavier

Alexander Klein

© Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt

Alexander Klein graduated from the Art University of Berlin, with the major in Piano and afterwards he was ona tour with Tim Fischer. Besides his active solo career, Mr. Klein works also as an accompanist and freelance composer and pianist. As a soloist and chamber musician, he travelled around the world, among others to Brazil.

Classical Recital program with works from the Baroque, Classic and Romantic eras
The Duo Tea for Two can also be really classical! From the rich repertoire the violinist and pianist can make a classical concert program, according to the individual wishes.This might be a dignified gesture of baroque sonatas from the composers such as Bach or Handel, perfectly lightand fast classical violin sonatas by Mozart, or romantic duos from Mendelssohn. The classical program might be really different! The specificity of the Duos Tea for two: the program is always peppered with cheerful highlights.

„Please, please, please dear violinist“

Salon‐ and Kaffeehaus music and title of the 1920s– from Berlin, Germany and USA

The Duo Tea for Two takes you into the world of classical coffee-house music: Salon-pieces such as Fritz Kreislers „Liebesleid“, Edvard Elgars „Salut d’Amour“, or Enrico Tosellis „Serenade“ let the nostalgic atmosphere come in. In this type of salon music, of course the „Original Charleston“, Foxtrott melodies and the greatest hits such as „Wenn der weiße Flieder wiederblüht“, „Mein kleinergrünerKaktus“ or „Ich weiß nicht zu wem ich gehöre“ will not be missed!

Swingin’ Jazz

Selected melodies from Jazz and Swing with own improvisations.

During the Jazz night of the Duos Tea for Two ot only the strings of violin and piano are vibrating. Besides the greatest Jazz standards, improvisations also will be brought to the stage such as “It Ain’t Necessarily so” and “Summmertime” (from “Porgy and Bess”) or the “Three Preludes”.

With classics from Jazz and Swing, next to their own improvisations, duo warms the audience up.

Swinging Jazz will make you for sure swing!

„Musik! Musik! Musik!“

The greatest hits from film music history ofthe early sound films

This evening of the golden time ofthe early sound films will be brought to life again.With the Ufa-hits such as „Drei von der Tankstelle“, „Ein Freund, ein guter Freund“ and of course „Musik! Musik! Musik!“ and many other titles the Duo Tea for Two travels around the glamour world of film stars.

Dance music from all the world

By the cosmopolitan dance evening of the Duos Tea for Two no one will remain seated on the chair! Dance music from all over the world creates a lovely atmosphere.The different styles such as „Charleston“, „Foxtrott“ or „Ungarischer Czardas“ and „Argentinischer Tango“ and, and, and…will be virtuously mixed by the musicians.

An evening for dancing or simply to enjoy!