Friedrich The Great And His Sister Wilhelmine

Trio Amour fou

„How much I love you!“

The secret letters that the royal siblings wrote to each other were their most important link for communicating very personal feelings and views, but also complaints about their irascible father, the soldier king.
Through this exciting correspondence we get to know them and their environment from a completely different side.

Experience unforgettable, historical moments, which are also of special interest for our time.
With music by the king himself, his court composer Quantz as well as Telemann and C.P.E. Bach. Played on instruments of his time, such as the baroque violin and of course the transverse flute.

Dafne-Maria Fiedler – Acting

Dafne-Maria Fiedler, born in Lübeck, studied theater in Berlin before she was able to act freely for several years in a permanent engagement. Since 2002 she has been working as a freelance actress in Berlin, among others at the Shakespeare Company Berlin, the Theaterdiscounter or the interactive Kriminalmenu of the auftaktater.

Along the way, she has done numerous readings, moderated at film festivals or evening events, has also worked for 10 years as a theater pedagogue for children and young people, and now also directs and produces her own programs and formats, such as “Lola and Pola” or “Nächtliche Liebschaften” an opera dinner.

Her special love is always the combination of music and literature, as in the staged readings together with the violinist Anna Barbar Kastelwicz.

Sylke Hannasky – Acting

lives in Berlin. She studied acting at the Hanover University of Music and Drama from 1994-1998, graduating with a diploma.

Afterwards, she had several theater engagements in Hanover, Erlangen, Sommerhausen, Nuremberg and Berlin, among others.

Since 2003 she has been working as a freelance TV and theater actress, director and theater pedagogue.

Since 2005 she has changed sides more frequently, placing an ever-increasing emphasis on theater work with children and especially young people in training, including for dm-drogeriemarkt, alnatura, budnikowsky, etc.. Here she stages several plays a year for and with the young people.

In 2010 she took over the direction of Shakespeare Kids, the youth club Shakespeare Company Berlin e.V., for which she adapted and directed three Shakespeare classics so far.

In 2009 she directed for the first time her own production, a Christmas program “The Christmas Story or how it really was”. This was followed by a Clara Schuhmann evening “Clara – ein Lebenslauf” (2010), “Wie im Film” a play about the longing place cinema (2012). Here she both co-directed and acted in the play herself.

Other directorial works include “Nächtliche Liebschaften” – opera dinner (2013) and “So oder So” – a penny song evening. (2014)

She directed her new project “Carmen” – a modern SingSpiel based on Bizet/Mérimée arranged for two accordions, which premiered in Berlin in January 2015.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz – Baroque violin

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz works as a soloist and chamber musician. Her repertoire ranges from Renaissance to modern, including musical and jazz.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz creates violin solo programs on the modern violin with works of the modern, 20th and 21st centuries, and juxtaposes them with baroque compositions on the baroque violin.

In her violin-piano duo, she devotes herself primarily to a classical and romantic repertoire, with a preference for French sonatas and pieces from around 1900.

She performs as a solo violin in musicals and in salon ensembles with a program of the Roaring Twenties.

In her projects she likes to combine the different arts and present her concerts. From 2007 to 2014 she designed the annual “Musikfestival Lüneburger Heide” as artistic director.

Mathias Kiesling – Baroque flute

Flutist Mathias Kiesling lives in Leipzig and travels the world with ensembles such as Lautten Compagney Berlin, Das Neue Orchester Köln, etc. He plays music from more than three centuries and is the founder of the ensemble “Soli Deo Gloria”. He also conducts research in the field of alternative sound recording and reproduction systems.