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The composer Kurt Hauschild:

“Can one enjoy a Mathematics Lecture, if he does not understand Mathematics? I believe so. For a well-to-do professor will spread an aura of sublime spirituality that makes for a captivating experience. Many people enjoy music, yet they understand very little of it. In this way, if one can gain so much from a Mathematics lecrture mathematically, the same can happen with music.”

So begins Kurt Hauschild’s remaks on musical understanding and appreciation, with his roots firmly in Mathematics. DR Kurt Hauschild was a Mathematician, but his main interest was in Music.

Kurt Hauschild’s compilation of works (110 pages), compiled by A.B. Kastelewicz, includes Chamber Music (strings, piano, voice) and solo works:

  • 1 Quintet
  • 14 Quartets
  • 1 Trio
  • 7 Duos
  • 54 Piano Pieces
  • 6 Lieds
  • 4 Dances
  • 1 more work in progress

This makes a total of 88 works. They are numbered with KHV-. The list may be ordered through the agency.

The String Quartet No. 8, KHV 2.9, is also known as the “Jan Palach”. It was composed by Hauschild after the defeat of the Prague Spring, in 1968, coinciding with the suicide of a student, Jan Palach. It is editied by A.B. Kastelewicz, and can be ordered from the Agency.