Trio Tea for Two









With Tailcoat, feather bow & Cylinder!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Imagine yourselves being back in the Golden Twenties, when one was still “kissing in the dark” and dancing to the exciting “Charleston”.

Enjoy an unforgettable night with the greatest hits of the 1910s, 20s and 30s… charmingly presented with texts and anecdotes.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz – ViolinAnna Barbara Kastelewicz

Her passion is to the roaring Twenties!

Violinist Anna Barbara Kastelewicz performs regularly as a soloist, chamber musician and concertmaster.

With performances and concert tours around Europe and Asia her presence is both national and international.

She has played and recorded for broadcasts, TV and various media-recordings.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz received her musical education as a violinist in Berlin, London and in Bloomington, Indiana, in the USA.


Alexander Klein – PianoAlexander Klein

As a soloist and chamber musician, Alexander has travelled around the world, including Brazil.

A graduate from the Art University of Berlin he majored in Piano. After completing his studies he toured with Tim Fischer.

Besides an active solo career, he works as an accompanist, freelance composer and pianist.






Berhard Hariolf  Suhm – CelloBernhard Suhm

Bernhard Harold Suhm discovered his passion for the cello at the age of 7. Since 1999 he lives as a freelance cellist in Berlin.

Apart from his broad classical repertoire his favourite genres are the argentinian tango, brazilian music and improvisation.

Since many years he is on tour with different ensembles and bands in Germany and abroad.