Bode Quartett

Bode Quartett

Bode Quartet consists of soloists from the new Baroque Orchestra. The quartet presents chamber music through historically informed performances on the historical instruments.
New meets old, unknown meets famous – this is the main concept of Bode quartet.
The subject of contrasts reflects itself in the preference of Bode quartet with a combination of rarely performed works from contemporary or baroque composers, with well-known Classics.
The performance of string quartet literature in historical performing style is a very rare and special feature on the stage. The Bode Quartet works also with contemporary instruments and explores the possibilities for different sound colors and timbre.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz – Baroque violin
Anna Barbara Kastelewicz received her musical education as a violinist at the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler in Berlin and as a baroque violinist at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London with Professor Yfrah Neamen. Afterwards she gained wide musical experience in various classical orchestras, such as the Konzerthaus Orchester Berlin and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, as well as from working with conductors such as Kurt Masur and Lorin Maazel.
She has founded two project-based orchestras, the new baroque orchestra Berlin and new concert orchestra Berlin, where she is both the artistic director and the concertmaster.
As a Soloist with Orchestra and also with a solo violin program she has traveled nationally and internationally. An engagement took her with a solo concert series to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.In solo concerts with orchestras, her focus is on the violin concertos and solo works of the classical, romantic and baroque eras.
Just recently, she performed the Beethoven Violin Concerto D major op.61.
On her Baroque violin, Anna Barbara Kastelewicz plays a violin solo program of the classic baroque literature- from early to late baroque.
As a soloist, she prefers to perform the concerts from Bach and Vivaldi.
Anna Barbara Kastelewicz works also in different chamber music formations.
She is a lecturer at music universities.
She is intensively dedicated to musicology with the edition and interpretation of contemporary composers.

Daniela Gubatz – Baroque violin
Daniela Gubatz studied at the HfM “HannsEisler” in the class of prof. W. Scholz and Prof. D. Batzdorf. After graduation of her study in 2010, she was involved in concert activities, in different chamber music ensembles and orchestras. Daniela held a scholarship from Interlochen Arts Camps in Michigan (USA), where she also won the Fine Arts Award. In May she will graduate her Master degree from the UdK Berlin, from the class of Prof. Irmgard Huntgeburth.

Stefano Macor – Baroque viola
After a few violin lessons at the beginning of his career, Stefano Macor changed his passion from violin to viola. He was tutored by Sabrina Brişcik, Prof. Emilio Poggioni (Cons-Milano) and Martin Fischer (BPhO). He was actively involved in different orchestras and chamber music ensembles, although he gives particular importance to chamber music activities, as a way of exchange with one another, and explores different possibilities forself expression. He is an active freelance musician in Berlin, leads two youth orchestras and teaches viola and violin at the “Fanny Hensel” music school.

Dmitry Sokolov – Baroque cello
Dmitry Sokolov has studied at the St.Peterburg State Conservatory and was graduated with the Diploma of Distinction. Still as a student, he was interested in historical performing practice. He won the first prizes in music competitions in 1990 (Manchester) and in 1993 (Amsterdam). He played in different prestigious festivals in Europe and USA. Together with musicians such as Ph. Jaroussky, E. Kirkby, M. Chance and A. Liubimov he performed various chamber music concerts. Sokolov is teaching baroque cello and chamber music in Moscow State Conservatory after Tschaikowsky and leads master-classes in Russia, Germany, Sweden and Great Britain.

Laure Mourot – Baroque Flute
Laure Mourot has graduated “Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler” in Berlin under the prof. Benoît Fromanger. Afterwards, she studied baroque flute under Prof. Cristoph Huntgeburth at the Arts University Berlin.
She teaches Baroque flute at the Music school in Lubeck and flute and chamber music at the German-French Music school and music gymnasium of Carl-Philipp-Emanuel Bach in Berlin.
In 2007 she founded duo Flute-Accordeon „neu²“, where she performs various contemporary music, written for this unusual ensemble. She is also the co-leader in “Bode Flute quartet-the soloists of new baroque orchestra Berlin”.

Timeless classics for String quartet: Forerunner, Completer and Reflection

Maddalena Laura LombardiniSirmen (1745 – 1818), Quartet Nr. 4
Kurt Hauschild (*1933), String quartet Nr. 2 (KHV-Nr. 2.3)
Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga (1806-1826), String quartet Nr. 1 in d-moll
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), String quartet KV 458 („Jagd-Quartett“)

Four lively classical-romantic conversations

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, String quartet in G-Dur, KV 156 (134b)
Josef Haydn (1732-1809), String quartet in g-moll op. 74 Nr. 3 („Reiterquartett“)
AntonínDvořák (1841-1904), String quartet Nr. 12 F-Dur op. 96 („Amerikanisches“)

Sunny String quartet art

Maddalena Laura Lombardini Sirmen, Quartett in G-Dur
Kurt Hauschild, String quartet Nr. 11 in the style of Viennese Classics
Josef Haydn, String quartetop. 20, Nr. 1 („Sonnenquartett“)
Viennese classics

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartet in G-Dur
Kurt Hauschild, Quartet Nr. 12 in the style of Viennese Classics
Josef Haydn, String quartet op. 64, Nr. 5 („Lerchenquartett“)

Bode Quartett &guest: Laure Mourot, Baroque flute

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Flute quartet in G-Dur
Kurt Hauschild, Flute quartet
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Flute quartet in D-Dur