From our extensive Germany-wide network of freelance musicians, we are able to offer artists matching exactly the individual needs and wishes of our customers. For an overview of possible styles and musical settings, please view the audio samples for different musical genres!

Duo-La-Lune-1Soloists or classical chamber music ensembles of various sizes – from piano duo via string quartet to wind octet – present music of the great composers. Classical music is a multifarious art – listen to three examples:

neues barockorchester berlin

The music played on period instruments from the the Baroque era will transport you back to 17th- and 18th-century Europe. The delicate vocal timbre and the soft sound of instruments such as the lute or the Baroque violin produce a special listening experience – hear for yourself:

Orchestra-Nueva-4Modernist classical music ranges from the mysteriously expressive to the edgy and bold. Listen to the modern interpretation of the rarely-heard traditional Japanese flute Shakuhachi, or to modern oboe literature:

plakat_friedenskirche_sanssouciJazz ensembles have variable settings with Jazz vocals, saxophone, guitar, Jazz piano, drums and bass. The diversity of Jazz reaches from modern arrangements of popular Jazz standards to improvisation and new compositions:

hit_mama07Be it racy or cool, be it the hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s or the newest Charts, pop bands can pull out all the stops. For every true party, a pop band brings the fun about. Listen to a selection of popular songs, arranged individually:

siche-schäfer-Reutter-Britz-BÜSTEEnjoy the exquisite atmosphere of classical salon music and evergreens, or get moving with dashing Foxtrott, Chachacha, Swing and Ufa-songs! Original arrangements in various settings with saxophone, trumpet, voice, strings or piano will bring you back into the golden 20s, and onto the dance floor.

MG_3779Chanson singers create a nostalgic flair und a romantic atmosphere. The irresistible charm of la belle France adds a special extra to every occasion. With cheeky lyrics, the chansonniers don’t mince matters!

start_electronic_1In these beats, Electronic and Jazz are melted into an innovative mix. The DJ’s for an extraordinary party will bring your guests into the right groove.

Music, that makes you dance.SOB gB Andrew u.Susann
Dances from the Strauss’schen Viennese Waltz to Foxtrot and Twostep, slow waltz and Slowfox to Swing, the charming Shimmy and of course racy Charleston.