KASTELEWICZ music in progress offers coaching and consulting in the field of music, art and culture as well as strengthening and developing qualities that will support an invigorating cultural life. These can be for musicians, creative artists, music promoters, project managers and organizers in the field of music, culture and art for development, qualification and strengthening of a invigorating cultural life. These take place in individual sessions in our office in Berlin-Tiergarten, near the Berlin Hauptbanhof (the main train station) as well as in seminars and lectures.

Coaching and Consulting in the Field of Event, Agency, Association Work

  • Event design and realization ­ “from the project idea up to the concert review”
  • Structuring and organizing of agencies and associations
  • General basics and principles such as performing rights societies, safety at  concert venues,
  • Insurance, artist associations
  • Programme design, artistic concepts
  • Marketing, public relations, sponsorship
  • Quality Management

Coaching and Consulting for Performers, Musicians and Artists

  • Hard skills and soft skills for the professional practice of performers, musicians, artists
  • Guidelines for success
  • Business start­up and maintenance ­ ´from acquisition to the tax return´
  • Legal fundamentals ­ including: contracts, promotion, booking, management, label, performing rights societies, insurance
  • Acquisition, networking, small talk, negotiation strategies
  • Financial aid ­ foundation scholarships
  • Application­package

Coaching and Consulting for Scientific Work

  • Formalities for a dissertation ­ ´from the idea to the publication´
  • Advice on research and documentation
  • Scientific writing methods
  • Edition and catalogue raisonné, programme notes, articles

Coaching and Consulting for the Development of Personality

  • Goal targeting and career planning ­ ´from the vision to the experience´
  • Resource development and utilization
  • Extension of competence, creative development
  • Stress prevention and stress management
  • Mental training
  • Image creation and presentation

Coaching and Consulting on Focus Guidance

  • The effect of one’s own inner attitude on recognation and improvement
  • To identify and stop inconsistencies in management behavior

  • The clear presentation of the goals convincingly conveyed

  • PDs Involve and demand the entire team

Coaching and Consulting on Focus Guidance

  • Learning from stakeholder management in the opera business

  • How can artists be intergrated in a team?

  • What can you learn by working with Oper artists and dealing with “difficult” customers?

Team Focus

  • Develop clear flexible roles in Team

  • Developing of self-responsibility

  • Scientific Writing

  • Planning, publications and articles


Individual success – “a fulfilled and balanced professional, social and family life”

General success – “a rich music, art and cultural scene”

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz studied music in Berlin, London and Bloomington/USA with violin as her major subject. As a soloist, chamber musician and concertmaster she performs nationally and internationally.

In Berlin, she also studied musicology and educational science. She has also dedicated herself to training as a “systemic coach”.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz has taught music, violin and management in London and Berlin, as a lecturer at the University of Arts Berlin and the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” Berlin.

In 2009 she developed, designed and implemented the newly introduced subject “Self­  Management and Competences” for the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” Berlin. At the same time she worked there as a student counselor for two years.

In 2004 Anna Barbara Kastelewicz founded the Music Agency KASTELEWICZ music in progress and is leading the agency as its CEO. Each year students and interns get the opportunity to expand and develop their skills and knowledge through individually accompanied training, combined with practical and responsible work in the Agency.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz founded two project orchestras and is leading them as their artistic director and concertmaster. Since 2007 she has been the artistic director of the Music Festival Luneburg Heath and was the second chairman of its association MFLH e.V.