René Hofschneider Acting

© Mirjam Knickriem

René Hofschneider was born in Detmold and grew up with his two brothers in Berlin. It was there that he first came into contact with the theater at the age of 15. First as an extra and eventually with small
he became acquainted with the Staatliche Schauspielbühnen Berlin under Hans Lietzau and Boy Gobert.
Here Hans Neuenfels discovered him for the role of “Ottokar” in his film Schroffenstein after Heinrich v. Kleist. The film was shot near Salzburg, where he also began his training at the Mozarteum. After
After drama school he took the long way through the provinces via Heidelberg, Aachen, Stuttgart and Marburg and finally returned to the Grips Theater in Berlin. With wonderful tours of the play LINIE 1 to Australia, New York and Jerusalem, almost 5 years passed until, for the time being, film and television came to the fore.
In addition to various productions (Tatort, Doppelter Einsatz, SOKO Leipzig, SOKO Wismar,
Danni Lowinski, Our Farm in Ireland, Wilsberg, The Fat Man, Inga Lindström) he played the
Leading role in one of the first sitcoms realized in Germany (A Job for Life).

During breaks from filming, he continued to educate himself: during a three-year seminar in the.
Masterclass of Yuri Alschitz (GITIS Moscow), he learned the Russian acting methods, which were deepened with the study of Anatoly Vasilyev.

With the play VENICE IN THE SNOW (2008) René found his way back to the theater and also began an
extremely fruitful cooperation with Matthias Freihof. In the course of this collaboration, which continues to this day
René tours throughout Germany with the plays MANN ÜBER BORD and GANZE KERLE.

In addition to acting, René Hofschneider studied Chinese medicine and practices on the bandoneon.