Welcome to our music ageny KASTELEWICZ music in progress

KASTELEWICZ music in progress was founded in 2004 and is an agency specialized in artist management, musical event design and project management.

KASTELEWICZ music in progress offers its customers a comprehensive, professional, and personal service to its customers, and is in high artistic demand.

Through its proven expertise, and its hard-working and professional team, the agency will fulfil the customers wants and needs. The agency creates unique concepts for every event, showing particular importance to the personal touch that the customer wishes.

The following pages provide an overview of the work and the offer of the agency.


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What we offer

On this page you’ll find information about our orchestras, solo musicians and bands.

Apart from our focus on artist management we have a big coaching segement as well. We offer coachings for musicians, artists agents. For more information please visit our coaching page www.coaching-in-progress.de.

We also work in the field of musicology, espacially researching music and culture in the camps of the NKWD in Eastern Germany. For more information about that click here Musikwissenschaft.

Something very close to our hearts is our new festival. We start 2018 with a new touch and concept. With light-design artists and breaks in the standard classical music world we want to offer a fresh approach towards classical music and turn our concerts in a expiernce for more than one sense. Visit our homepage  KulturSchlagLicht.

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